Who is Trispira?

I am Frédéric Nannan, freelance 3D CAD draftsman/designer, professionally trained (Bachelor in Electro-mechanics) and certified VOL-VCA (for supervisors).
I've used Solidworks (3D CAD software) for drafting/design and rendering since 1998.

In a nutshell:

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  • Technically skilled with artistic insight.
  • Polyvalent, accurate and structured.
  • Communicative with your teamplayers.
  • Pragmatic and conscientious.

Drawings, forms and colors are my "language".
My focus is the technical support for engineering, artistic and cultural projects. Throughout the drafting, design and physical production, I combine my experience in the technical industry with a distinct passion for visual arts.

When building exhibitions in musea I myself create the stands for the artworks, combining technical drafting with practical execution of the drawings: the ideal combination.

I like to approach challenges in a creative way. From a unique and refreshing point of view I provide simple and efficient solutions.

My technical experience:

  • 3D CAD experience: specialised in Solidworks since 1998
  • Technical draftsman/designer machinery
  • PDM experience: Solidworks PDM Enterprise
  • Visualisations and interactive presentations
  • Hands-on experience with milling, turning and welding in machinery
  • Projectcoordination and follow-up
  • Certified VOL-VCA (for supervisors)

I also have experience in building exhibitions and in providing technical/artistic and executive support for artists and musea.
Since 1998 I have honed my artistic skills (drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media) in the Academy of Fine Arts and in my own workshop

I'm bilingual Dutch/French, speak fluent English and reasonable German and have a firm grasp of Spanish.

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